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BOE (Bureau of Explosives) Services

BOE (Bureau of Explosives) Services include the following training & inspections:

  • Customized hazardous materials employee training 
    and testing by veteran BOE Inspectors
  • Training and testing for safe loading and unloading of 
    hazardous materials in railcars and other containers
  • Independent, confidential inspections of operations to evaluate 
    regulatory compliance status and opportunities for improvement
  • Certification / re-certification inspections and annual evaluations of tank car facilities
  • Quality assurance audits of tank car and component facilities
  • Terminal (rail yard) inspections
  • Emergency response assistance, including tank car damage assessment
  • Hazardous materials consulting


AAR: Association of American Railroads membership and other information


TTCI (Transportation Technology Center, Inc.) & SERTC (Security and Emergency Response Training Center)

  • The Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) is the railroad industry's world-class rail research and testing facility that works to improve the safety and efficiency of freight railroads throughout North America and the world.  TTCI is also home to SERTC, the most in-depth training program in the country for hazardous material (hazmat) scenarios.